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About GRo Fit

A Company Specializing in Cutting-Edge Fitness Events, Workshops and Merchandise.


During the typical GRo FIT Event, one can expect to burn between 1200 and 3400 calories. It’s proven… you now just have to join us and prove it to yourself!


We like to keep you on your toes, not only because you burn calories while there but also to keep you engaged and loving fitness just as much as we do!

100% FUN

Studies show that when people deem something as fun, the retention rate is higher. So… we decided to do fitness the fun way!


A format which features cardio based kickboxing moves.

Box Aerobics

A format which features cardio based boxing moves.


A format which features Latin-inspired dance moves.

Soca Aerobics

A format which features Soca-inspired moves.

Aerobic Fusion

A format which features a mixture of dance and fight based moves.

And more...

Also other diverse, dynamic and down-right awesome formats!

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